You have probably spent quite a bit of time perfecting your novel. And, finally, you have the perfectly crafted story with just the right characters, and worlds that make the readers feel like they are actually experiencing the story.

    But, now that you are reading through your manuscript, you feel like something is off. Maybe the pacing feels sluggish, the dialogue isn’t holding its own, or the plot twists don’t have that element of surprise. But, you are not exactly sure what to do. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it all alone. You can work with an editor. 

    To give you an idea, here are some ways an experienced editor can help you and your novel get the recognition you both deserve.

    A Fresh Perspective

    When you are doing some type of work, it could be something other than writing a novel, you might overlook some mistakes that someone else would easily catch. It’s not that you do not have any editing skills, a fresh pair of eyes can look at things from a different perspective. 

    That is why you should have an editor on your team. The editor can be the fresh pair of eyes that spots any mistakes or slight issues that you may have overlooked. 

    Building Your Plot

    Sometimes, writers tend to get stuck. It’s a very common phenomenon known as writer’s block. But, that can be very hard when you start to build a plot but, later on, you don’t know where to go with it anymore. Maybe you took a few days off and lost your train of thought. It can happen. 

    When you hire an editor for your novel, you can have another professional with quite a lot of experience take a look at things and lend a helping hand. They could give you some pointers on areas where the story could use a little more tension, and, similarly, areas where the story should be a little low.

    A Way with Words

    Writing surely is an art form. It takes a lot of time to perfect, even if you are born with some great talent. However, editing is a whole different story. When it comes to editing, the person needs to keep a lot of rules in mind. These could be the rules of a publisher or simply some best practices when it comes to writing a story of a particular genre. Either way, it’s incredibly important. 

    When you work with an editor, they can help you with their years of experience. They know how to make each word count, mold the story to a particular style, and just make it a marvel of a piece.

    Creating the Perfect Characters

    The characters in your story are the heart and blood. They are what makes the reader interested in the story. Without the right mix of characters, your story is, sad to say, nothing. 

    Since it’s your story, your imaginary world, you probably have the best idea of the characters that need to be in it. However, the right editor will undoubtedly have quite a lot of experience in your genre, which is why they can help you build those characters properly and maybe even suggest some new supporting characters to further enhance the story. 

    Friendly Support

    You may already know, most writers like to work alone. Rarely you will find a duo or a team working behind novels. That is why it can get a bit lonely. 

    When you are working with an editor who you connect with, it can be like having a coach and a friend. They will be there to celebrate your victories, say a few nice words when things aren’t looking too well, and just be honest with you.

    Polished and Professional

    In the world of publishing, the quality of your novel can be everything. Luckily, your editor has the know-how of what it takes for a novel to appear polished and professional. They will whip your manuscript into shape, ensuring that it meets industry standards and stands out from the pile. 

    From formatting to grammar, they will sweat the small stuff so you can focus on the big picture.

    Dialogue Improvement

    The dialogue is everything when it comes to character interaction. You need to get it just right to show a certain type of relationship between your characters. Luckily, an experienced editor can help you improve your characters’ voices and make sure their dialogue feels authentic and distinct. 

    They can help you iron out awkward phrasing, eliminate unnecessary exposition, and inject personality into each conversation. With their guidance, your characters’ words will ring true, drawing readers deeper into your story.

    World-Building Guidance 

    When you are writing a story, you need to create a whole new imaginary world. Depending on your genre, it could be an average neighborhood, maybe where a serial killer lives in plain sight, or a fantasy world where a powerful yet helpful bunny resides. Either way, creating a whole new world is anything but simple. 

    With the help of an editor, you can manage this task much more easily. They can help you with everything from the geographical aspects of your world to the fairy dust. The editor can help you build an immersive world where your readers can picture themselves while they are reading your story. 

    Marketability Assessment 

    As a writer, you have an expertise in putting thoughts on paper. If it’s your first time, you are probably going through a trial and error phase on this as well. But, selling the book to publishers and getting actual people to buy your work is a whole different story.

    An editor can help you make your book marketable. They can help you better identify with your audience, pinpoint the unique selling points of your book, and position it for success. 

    They can offer insight into the boring, but incredibly useful things like market trends, reader expectations, and even genre conventions. With this, you can be better equipped to sell your work and make it a hit.