In the world of Growing advanced technology, finding a job is quite hard. The recruiters need skilled people to do the job. But if not given a chance how can one enhance their skill. Well, to do so there are various Learning programs Introduced by various organizations. And, one such organization  is Edubridge, the Skill development organization. Here, In this article we are going to discuss the features, History and learn more about it in detail. 


    EduBridge India is a skill development organization. Now working on an Online Platform as well. It helps the learners to build their career with the best corporate houses. It focuses on building the skills of the youth of India through quality training. Well, the platform after the completion of training provides Jobs as well. Moreover it trains the college going youth to build the required skills. It also provides corporate training to Junior and Mid level staff at the Corporation. It helps the unemployed youth to understand the skills and build it more.  


    The skill development organization was establish in October 2009. Edubridge India was develop by a group of Indian Institute of Management (IIM). The headquarters of the organization is in Mumbai, India. It aims to fulfill the Government aim of creating useful skills among the youth. It works in a Partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).    


    Before using any Platform, one wants to know the benefits it has to offer. The various benefits one can avail are as follows: 

    • Expert Guidance: The Student or the user can get free Expert career guidance. The platform offers free of charge career advice which can be quite helpful. 
    • Resume Building: One can create a professional Resume without delay. The platform offers free Professional resume creation.
    • Master Class: The user can now polish their skills by attending free of cost master class. This master class enhances the skills and also solves the query.  

    The Access Procedure

    To get yourself registered on Edubridge, one needs to follow these steps: 

    • Open any preferred “Browser” from an Internet connected device
    • Enter the learning Website “EduBridge” in the search bar
    • Click the official website that showed up on the display. Due to the lengthy list of search results being visible 
    • When the dashboard shows up on the screen navigate to the registration option
    • Well, the “SIGN UP” option is visible at the Top Right Hand Corner
    • Once clicked, the registration form will appear on the screen. 
    • Fill in the details. Such as Mobile Number, Email Id, Name and Password. 
    • Click on the “Sign Up” button visible at the end of the registration box. 
    • Now the user is  registered into the portal of Edubridge.

    Get Started

    Once Registered, the user can now access and login into the portal. The steps to do so are as follows: 

    • Visit the official website of the learning platform
    • Once the dashboard is visible, navigate to the Top Right hand corner
    • Click on the Sign Up button visible. Once the registration form is visible click on the Login Now button.

    Process To Complete EduBridge Login

    Once you have completed registration process, now you have to login over the dashboard for further accessing and availing its features:

    1. Open the web browser and enter for edubridge login.
    2. Click on the top right corner button ‘sign up’ and scroll it down for login.
    3. You will already see a member button, click on the login now button.
    4. Here, enter your details such as mobile number or email address and then, password.
    5. Now, after entering the correct credentials, click on the login button.

    Courses Available

    To Enhance the skills there are various learning programs available. Some of these programs are as follows: 

    • Technology Program: The courses give an overview about the advanced and cutting edge techniques. Each of the courses available have their own Eligibility Criteria. 
    • Banking and Finance Program: The Courses available talks about the mastery of business. It enhances the employable skills in the field of Accounting and Finance. 
    • Business Program: The courses help to enhance the knowledge and skills when it comes to the business field. It makes the user understand about the global and International Market. 
    • Free Program: The Courses available under the free program are to learn the basic skills. These courses cover the most basic knowledge which can improve the users skills.

    Services Available

    The Services available at EduBridge India are as follows: 

    • Blogs: The Platform also gives access to a large number of blogs. These blogs cover various fields and provide information in easy language. 
    • Online Training: The Edubridge India platform provides online training courses as well. There are various options available when it comes to Online Training Courses. 
    • Blended Training:. The platform gives an opportunity to learn and train in a blended mode that is Offline and Online. The Organization has its learning academy at various places. One can attend the classes in Offline mode as well.  
    • Placements: The organization offers placement also once the training program is over. It works in a partnership with various Companies. It offers placements on the basis of the users skills.   


    Edubridge India is a skill development organization. It works on the basis of Connecting the Youth of India to Jobs. It provides a great opportunity to enhance the skill. Well, the various programs it has to offer and much information is mentioned above. So one can now look forward to building their career with the required skill set.